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Best Food is Natural Food!

Our Hens live in the natural free range environment which means they have access to outside pasture and feed on the natural ground cover. They eat a special diet with no animal by-products, a premium all vegetarian natural feed high in protein, containing no animal cholesterol.

These beautiful brown-shelled aggs are sure to delight the palate and conscience of our egg loving public. Be it for nutritional reasons to eat those foods produced in the most natural way: Country Golden Yolks will fill the need. The eggs are hand collected 2 times a day and shipped to arrive at the store, Fresh!

Country Golden Yolks
Healthy happy hens, sunshine, clean fresh air, green grass and no antibotics. Strong brown shells and beautiful golden yolks. This combination results in healthy, nutritive and scrumptious tasting egg.
The extra freshness is our commitment to excellence.
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