Sunshine, country-fresh air, and green grass make for happy, healthy hens. Untouched by antibiotics, our hens produce nutritious and delicious eggs with strong brown shells and beautiful golden yolks.
Freshness is our commitment to excellence.

Our hens have access to clean pasture during the day and a warm place to roost at night.

Free-range eggs provide all 8 essential protein-building amino acids.

Natural Is Best

Our Hens live in the natural free range environment which means they have access to outside pasture and feed on the natural ground cover (weather permitting). They eat a special diet with no animal by-products, a premium all vegetarian natural feed high in protein, containing no animal cholesterol.

Our beautiful brown-shelled eggs are sure to delight the palate and conscience of our egg loving public. Be it for nutritional reasons to eat  foods produced in the most natural way: Country Golden Yolks will sure to please. The eggs are collected daily and shipped to arrive at the store, fresh!

Our hens are completely cage free both inside and outside the barn.

Free-range eggs are a good source of vitamin D

The Original Free Range Egg

In 1989, our farmers decided to put a few chickens outside. When they saw how happy their chickens were, the ‘free range’ concept was officially adopted. Country Gold Yolks was the first farm in Canada to receive an official Free-Range certification and they have never looked back.

Our Family of Farmers


Because of the high demand for our eggs, Country Golden Yolks has grown. There are now six farms located in the Fraser valley. We all work together to ensure that your families enjoy our fresh and delicious free-range eggs!