where to buy country golden yolks free range eggs

All of our country fresh free range eggs are collected, then shipped to Golden Valley Foods, where each egg is examined and graded based on strict guidelines.  Our eggs are then packaged and shipped to our valued retail partners.

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where to buy country golden yolks free range eggs

Do you need your Wholesale Eggs Delivered?

Meet the Eggspress Delivery Team: Colin and Kendra Terpstra and Braden and Lauryn Bisschop. They can deliver white and brown eggs from Chilliwack to the Vancouver area for wholesale. They carry Country golden yolks in cartons and flats.

As you may have guessed, our families’ live and breath eggs, we are passionate about quality and care when it comes to getting you a premium product. Both Colin and Braden were raised on chicken farms and have been handling eggs since they were walking. In between deliveries, you can find them both on a chicken farm.