The Luteyns, the founders of Country Golden Yolks have since retired, but the farm has remained in the family.  Because of the high demand for our eggs, Country Golden Yolks has grown. There are now a group of local family run farms located in the Fraser valley. We all work together to ensure that your families enjoy our fresh and delicious free-range eggs!

The family farm in Rosedale BC, rests in the heart of the Fraser Valley under the picturesque Chilliwack mountains. The farm is home to our own home grown chickens. 

We receive the chicks when they are one day old. They are placed in the environment where nutrition, health and welfare needs are carefully managed.

A high level of bio security is in place to ensure we maintain the high health status of our flocks. We recognize that the growth and development of our hens  is vital part in helping to deliver a quality fresh egg. We have daily checks and make sure the chicks move around, perch, jump and fly at different levels so that they are ready to go to there new home.

Because the hens are cage free, they have access to outside pasture and feed on the natural ground cover.  In addition they eat a special diet with no animal by-products, a premium all vegetarian natural feed high in protein, containing no animal cholesterol.

At Country Golden Yolks Free-Range Eggs, we believe that the production of the the best free range egg in Canada starts with happy, healthy hens.   We make it our business to make sure our hens are well cared for.  All inspections are met while it is our goal to exceed them.  We are committed to the environment, the welfare of our animals and the production of nutritious farm fresh eggs.  Our approach to producing the best free range egg has been recognized by our peers and co-farmers. 

In 2015 we earned ‘Producer of the Year’ in BC.

The Producer of the Year award to recognize farmers who are good ambassadors of BC’s egg industry. Winners must have a minimum of 98% on all levels of our Start Clean, Stay Clean audit program as well as being involved in the community, implementing farming innovations, and showing market responsibility. Country Golden Yolks more than meets all these criteria and is known for its dedication to the community.